Our love for reading, learning and teaching has inspired us to design easy to implement lesson plans, resources, assessments and creative exercises to assist Educators.  Our focus is for Educators to inspire learners and engender a sense of pride in the literary works of African writers. We want our learners to know and appreciate the literature from our continent and to confidently share it with others. We want to assist in giving African Literature its rightful place in the classroom. 

The symbols in our logo represent harmony and unity in diversity. We believe that through an understanding of African literature, harmony and unity can be achieved.

AL4A’S INTENTION is for Learners to experience the history of the continent through its literature, understand the culture of different African countries for social transformation, and understand issues around human rights. Learners will develop creative and critical thinking, cultivate a culture of questioning, understand context, write and articulate experiences and thoughts clearly, and develop their own voices.  

AL4A’S APPROACH  is for Learners, with the factual knowledge of the novel, and through artistic and creative exercises, to metamorphose information of plot and characters, and through written and oral tasks, voice their opinions and justify their views. Consequently, Learners will develop a broader understanding of humanity, as well as social and environmental issues. 

AL4A’S STRUCTURE:  1 hour lessons cover chapter discussions of plot, sub-plots, themes, characters and literary techniques. Chapters are linked to relevant written, artistic or oral activities. The lesson plans cover listening, speaking, comprehension, poetry, language, written and oral skills. Learners must be encouraged to write a paragraph on each chapter covering plot, characters and themes.